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19,22 EUR*
Details Secular Humanism vs. Religion: Barack Obama the Champion of Humanism

[ Secular Humanism vs. Religion: Barack Obama the Champion of Humanism Durbin, Denzil T. ( Author ) ] { Paperback } 2013

18,99 EUR*
Details Feminism As Radical Humanism

Feminism as Radical Humanism The author of this book argues that feminism must come to recognize itself as a type of humanism. The book throws light upon both feminist theory and the historical ideal of humanism. The author's aim is to reclaim ...

30,90 EUR*
Details Pioneers of Ecological Humanism

No Pioneers of Ecological Humanism Read a customer review or write one .

52,32 EUR*
Details With God in Human Trust: Christian Faith and Contemporary Humanism: Christian Faith and Contemporary Humanism - A Meeting of Minds

This book argues that theism has always understood the divine as awaiting human cognisance and worship.

32,49 EUR*
Details Culture after Humanism: History, Culture, Subjectivity (Comedia)

Culture After Humanism In a series of interlinked essays encompassing music (baroque and rock), architecture, urban planning and literature, Iain Chambers weaves together a critique of Western humanism, exploring issues of colonization and migration ...